Review : LOVAS by Wesley Badanjak S/S 2012

Posted on October 20, 2011


lovas wide

According to the media release on our seats, Wesley was inspired by “his experiences traveling through the islands of the Caribbean Sea, seeing the beauty of the lands and of their people.” His collection was billed as a “modern interpretation of island living from the lazy days at the beach, to the steamy nights out.” So it was perplexing that his collection’s accents didn’t look Caribbean at all, but native.

The clothes were wearable, but boring, and looked borrowed from the likes of Laura Petites. I’m convinced I saw the same dresses with pink color blocking minutes before in the Martin Lim portion of Mercedes Benz Startup. As if in an attempt to make up for its lackluster designs, the collection was accessorized with every possible Native American stereotype.

Massive feather headdresses, saber tooth necklaces, fringe scarves, and braided pigtails were so mismatched, it was almost offensive. After the recent Urban Outfitters Navajo debacle, it should be clear to designers that trademarks of aboriginal culture aren’t to be capitalized upon because your store isn’t cool enough or because your collection isn’t dramatic enough.

Every time I saw a headdress come down the runway, I could only think of the flocks of inhumanely slaughtered birds behind this misguided feather trend. You might as well deck the models out like this:

The only thing I want from this show are the models’ lush synthetic eyelashes. These Shu Uemura falsies are simply fabulous, and so wispy they’d have Sophia Loren doing a double take.

Photos courtesy of the FDCC.

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