ford signs

The Ford Network


Toronto is feeling recessed.

Rob Ford added running for Mayor to Activities.

Rob Ford removed Carleton University from Education.

The Toronto Star is feeling confused.

Rob Ford is feeling sweaty.

Etobicoke sent Toronto a gift: “Conservative Mayor.”

Suburbs like this.

Central Toronto dislikes this.

Rob Ford invited Don Cherry to an event: “Inauguration.”

Toronto joined the Self-Sabotaging Cities network.

Rob Ford harvested 200 butter tarts on Tim Hortonsville.

NOW tagged Rob Ford in a photo.

Rob Ford removed freedom of expression from Interests.

Inner Circle took a quiz: “Are you a crony, reformer or creep?”

Toronto removed street art, parks and children from Interests.

Rob Ford’s Niece has joined the group: “Lingerie Football League.”

Rob Ford listed garbage collection to the Marketplace.

Rob Ford added TTC to Essential Services.

Kidney Stone poked Rob Ford.

Sunnybrook Hospital SuperPoked! Kidney Stone.

Rob Ford added toll roads, racial slurs and Oreos to Interests.

Frances Nunziata changed privacy settings to block everyone.

Dalton McGuinty received 300 million cash requests from Rob Ford.

Rob Ford added Tea Party as a sibling.

Rob Ford changed his status with police and fire services to “It’s Complicated.”

Doug Ford added Sugary Beverages to Causes.

Rob Ford is not attending Pride Parade.

Mammoliti uploaded a video.

Twitter is feeling pissed.

Mammoliti changed his status with parades to “It’s Complicated.”

Adam Vaughan added Mammoliti to the group: “Creepy.”

Tim Hudak and Rob Ford are now friends.

Toronto was ranked No. 1 by its friends for “Most Expensive City in Canada.”

Rob Ford and KPMG are now friends.

KPMG likes this.

Rob Ford listed TTC to the Marketplace

Torontonians added Grass Cutting to Activities.

Doug Ford is no longer friends with Toronto Public Libraries.

Books listed New Homes in Looking For.

Toronto has left the Literacy network.

Toronto played the game Gravy Train Chase.

Torontonians wrote on Mel Lastman’s wall: “Maybe you weren’t so bad.”

Toronto joined the Cities in Decline network.

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