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Review : JUMA S/S 2012


I walked into the JUMA runway room and was instantly blinded. The studio was filled with piercing blue light set at a frequency to kill fungi and fashionistas’ eyeballs alike. Luckily, it was all uphill from there…  and my eyeballs recovered in time to be assaulted all over again at the Joe Fresh collection tonight.

Glitter-geeks marched down the runway in a strong and cohesive collection. Models looked awkwardly awesome with shimmer-slicked hair and reading glasses– a weirdly harmonious mix of Tavi Gevinson and Ke$ha. Most importantly, the aesthetic was unique (a rarer-than-it-should-be thing in Canadian fashion).

As usual, JUMA’s signature digital prints made the pieces. Shades bled beautifully through peacock and reptilian patterns, creating a whimsical tie-dye-esque effect. The garments’ sheer, flowing silk only accentuated the flowing prints.

The show evolved like a box of pencil crayons; starting in greyscale and reaching its peak with bright red, orange, and purple shades. The perfect splash of color was oh-so-refreshing after collections and collections of color blocking from other designers.

Some of the menswear was a little too hipster-pixie for me at first, but is actually growing on me the more I look at photos. I like to consider their more ‘progressive’ menswear as inspirational pieces rather than ready-to-wear.

I loved this collection because it proves Canadian designers can be dramatic and wearable– not either/or. Hopefully it inspires others to be more original.

Peacock Parade has exclusive rights to sell six pieces from JUMA’s runway collection until October 25. Check it out.

Photos courtesy of the FDCC.